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Other Schemes



Social security general pension scheme

The workers that contributed to both the social security general pension scheme (private workers scheme) and the special civil servants pension scheme (managed by Caixa Geral de Aposentações), can, instead of having one pension granted by each scheme (as soon as they met each scheme qualifying conditions), can ask the scheme they have been affiliated the last a single pension calculated upon the entire career (Decree-Law No. 361/98, of 18 November |GhYnXAVUQAEdYL9iyi_aUAVqQNR)WZRmXd4eMUv.GhT(NkH2MUxe(UH.(kWeGqDvYx==!!||||0|en| - Unified pension legal framework).


European Economic Area Member States and Swiss Confederation pension schemes

The system of coordination between pension schemes provided for the Council Regulations (EEC) n.º 883/2004, of 29 April 2004, and n.º 987/2009, of 16 September 2009, allows CGA to take into account, in some cases, for the acquisition of rights to benefits under its own scheme purposes only, periods recognised under the legislation of other pension schemes within the 28 Member States of the European Economic Area (Member States of the European Union, the Kingdom of Norway, the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Republic of Iceland) and the Swiss Confederation.

European Institutions pension schemes

The CGA scheme members that, having left the Portuguese civil service, are admitted or resume active employment with a Community institution, either as officials or as members of the temporary staff, may request that the actuarial equivalent that corresponds to the whole of the pension rights acquired by CGA be transferred to the European institution pension scheme for the purpose of acquiring pension rights, in accordance with Decree-Law No. 285/2009, of 7 October |GhYnXAVUQAEdYL9iyi_aUAVqQNR)WZRmXd4d(B-2GhT(NkFg(Bve(B-i(pxjGqDvYx==!!||||0|en| The European Institutions officials may as well request that the actuarial equivalent that corresponds to the whole of the pension rights acquired by the European institution pension scheme be transferred to CGA.

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