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Death Benefit Scheme



The "death benefit" is a benefit paid at one time (in a lump sum) following the decease of a civil servant.

Death benefit application

The scheme considers lawful heirs the following: group - Widow, divorced or adult partner;

2.nd group Children, grandchildren, adopted, step-children as long as they met, by the time the civil servant died, one of the following conditions:

A - Between the age of 18 and 25, if attending secondary classes;

B - Between the age of 18 and 27, if attending higher education classes and not earning more than 2/3 of minimum national wage

C - Permanently disabled, regardless of any other conditions.

Grandchildren are entitled only if they were supported by the deceased pensioner.

3.rd group - Parents, grandparents and step-mother/step-father, given that, by the time of death, they were supported by the deceased; group - Other relatives that were being supported by the deceased.

The relative is considered to be supported by the deceased if they lived together as a family and as long as he didn’t’ have any revenue.

Competition rules between heirs

If both first and second groups lawful heirs apply, the death benefit value is divided in two halves, one for the lawful heir of the first group and the other for the lawful heir(s) of the second.

If no first group lawful heirs apply, the death benefit goes to the second group ones.

If only 3rd group and/or 4th group lawful heirs apply, the death benefit value goes to the third group. The lawful heirs of the 4th group are entitled only if no 1st, 2nd and 3rd groups lawful heirs apply.

Within each group, it is distributed, in equal shares, between all the heirs.

Method of calculation

The "death benefit" corresponds to three IAS (€ 1 329,60).

Benefit claim

How to submit

Lawful heirs should use the death benefit form, which must be followed by the documents it refers to.

When to submit

The death benefit claim must be made in the 6 months following the civil servant's death.

Whom to submit to

The death benefit claim is to be submitted to Caixa Geral de Aposentações, but only if the deceased was a retired civil servant or a private school teacher (retired or not).


No one can receive more than one death benefit, even if he/she is entitled to it in more than one scheme.

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